Saturday, April 4, 2009

Research topics in Mechanical Engineering

When I was browsing the internet I found few of the topics, which are considered for research. Hope you may find it useful.

Robotics { Which is my focus }

Parallel manipulators
Water robots
Master and slave robots
BEAM robotics
unmanned arial vehicles
medical surgical robots

Advanced Manufacturing Technology- Laser materials processing
- Precision machining and processing - especially using closed-loop methods
- Novel processes (ultrasonically-assisted rolling, superplastic forming, high efficiency grinding)
- Knowledge support system for manufacture
- Free-from micromachining
- Advanced machining technologies for next generation aerospace materials
- Advanced monitoring strategies for the manufacture of high integrity aero-engine components
- Novel processes (High efficiency grinding)
- Laser materials processing (Laser cleaning)
- Knowledge support system for manufacture
- Intelligent processing monitoring and control
- Design for manufcture (Fixturing optimisation)
- Flexible forming - sheet metals
- Incremental forming - bulk metals

Advanced Materials- Cold 'thermal spraying' for linings of plain bearings
- New nano-crystalline materials for gas-turbine blade insulation
- Grain refinement methods for aluminium alloys
- Economic growth of carbon nano-tubes with emphasis in hydrogen storage
- Manufacture and testing of novel interpenetrating metal matrix composites
- Reactive processing of titanium carbide - reinforced metal composites
- Light metal nanostructured alloys for hydrogen storage applications
- Transparent, rare earth doped, nano-glass-ceramics for active waveguide devices
- Infrared-transmitting glass optical fibres for medical applications such as laser surgery and diagnostics
- Development of nanostructured solar cells for long duration aircrafts
- New nanocomposite coatings for tribological applications
- Life improvement of nanostructured thermal barrier coatings for gas turbine
- Processing and characterisation of functional nanosized powders
- Carbon nanotube reinforced metal matrix composites
- Creation of novel inorganic 1-D nanostructures
- Finite Element modelling of the deformation behaviour of 'real' metal foams for use as energy absorbers in crash protection systems
- Development of transparent nano-glass-ceramics for optical fibres for sensors
- Towards robust, high optical quality infrared optical fibres for applications in laser power transmission for laser surgery, and welding, and medical diagnostics
- Development of a new fabrication method for making glassy integrated chips which use light as the transmission medium

Bioengineering- Transport mechanisms in intervertebral disc degeneration, therapy and regeneration
- Development of a biofidelic, frangible leg form for use in occupant and pedestrian impact safety tests
- Mechanisms of neck and brain injury in 'whiplash'
- Development of feedthrough junctions for implantable medical devices
- Optimal cannula design and placement in mechanical cardiac support
- Development of an implantable rotary blood pump for chronic heart failure
- Exclusion of red blood cells in couette flow
- Modelling compromised hearts in the laboratory
- Nanocomposites and nanostructures for tissue engineering
- Degradable composites and sterilization
- Effect of nanoparticulates on toxicity and biocompatibility
- Physical vapour deposition of modified bioactive coatings
- Functionalised surfaces and cell surface interactions
- Mathematical Modelling of cell motility and experimental studies
- Proteomics and biocompatibility of biomaterials

Human Factors
- Tools and methods for determination of mental workload and situation awareness
- Speech-controlled virtual environments
- Identification of tacit skills and knowledge
- Representation of material properties in virtual environments
- Situation awareness in an industrial context
- Empirical development of interaction design guidance
- 3D data visualization
- Interaction between risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders
- Ergonomic design of work tools and equipment
- Biomechanics of materials handling
- Digital human modelling for work(place) design
- Assessment of risk-taking behaviour in industrial work

Polymer Composite Materials- Structural performance of composite fan blades and guide vanes
- Long fibre composites with nano-scale reinforcements in a polymer matrix
- Recovery of carbon- and other reinforcement fibres from scrap composite components
- Bio-degradable composites for medical implant applications
- Analysis of resin infusion for large composite structures
- Finite element analysis of composite materials with statistical variations
- Automotive composite materials for pedestrian safety applications

Structural Integrity and Dynamics- Combined fretting, fatigue and wear computations for high performance mechanical transmissions
- Elastic-plastic notch-strain prediction methods extending 1D tests to triaxial stress contexts
- Elastic stability of heavily-loaded hollow shafts under combined loading with dynamic effects
- Coupled active controllers for active suspension, ABS and traction control in performance cars
- Modular active sealing in modern turbomachinery
- Dynamic behaviour of aeroengine ball bearings
- Structural integrity of high temperature welded structures
- Elastic-plastic and creep anisotropy of power plant structures
- Smart piezoelectric actuators for precision microsystems applications
- The dynamics of super-extended space tethered systems (space elevators)
- Failure prediction for superplastic forming of aeroengine materials
- Investigation into power losses in automotive transmissions (especially rear differential)
- Novel systems for offshore wind-generation using direct conversion to compressed-air and subsea storage of the compressed air
- Novel power-transmission mechanisms using magnetic fields oscillating at specific frequencies

Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
- CFD studies of combustion processes in novel engine configurations
- Numerical prediction of lubricant distribution and heat-transfer in transmission systems
- Thermal management in advanced mild-hybrid diesel-electric vehicles
- Flow visualisation in the vicinity of working gears
- Thermal management of a solid state hydrogen store utilising the waste heat from a fuel cell
- Experimental and CFD projects in the area of aeroengine transmission systems
- Design of a novel static mixer
- Thermal management of advanced electric actuation systems for aircraft
- Turbulent skin-friction drag reduction using compliant viscoelastic coatings
- Turbulent flow control over an aircraft wing with surface plasma actuators
- CFD studies of periodic instabilities in a combustor
- Particulate dispersion in the environment
- Air-borne drug delivery for paediatric care
- Modelling flow of films liquid around obstructions

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